The Church is increasingly recognising the importance of leadership and effective team working.

This brief discussion paper outlines a leadership development programme for students at theological college, for those recently ordained, for those ordained some years ago and for ministers in senior appointments. It is hoped that this paper is equally relevant and helpful for leaders and all who support them in all Christian denominations.

Our aim is to bring together key trainers and educators from the denominations to begin a process of integrating the learning and formation opportunities which are on offer. This could prevent competition, identify gaps in provision and begin to establish a continuing ministerial education highway. Our work might become a resource for the new Regional Training Partnerships which are being developed across the country.

We will ensure that each learning and development programme is (a) written in the context of Christian theology and ministry; (b) forms part of an ongoing programme of reflection and learning; and (c) covers what a leader needs to be (character and calling) as well what h/she should do (skills).

The programme is structured around the key transition points in ministry i.e.

  1. Undergoing theological training
  2. Entry into public ministry
  3. Minister in charge
  4. The next transition
  5. Senior appointment
  6. Planning for retirement

In section G there are some stand alone 1 - 2 day programmes

With financial support a wide range of learning options could be made available including: Learning by phone; One to one coaching; action learning sets; e-courses; CDs; web based audios of live classes; special interest groups